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Our Goal

Writing the book was the easy part. The problem?
You can't feed a person with a book, even a cookbook.

Feeding people with pizza is the next logical step.

We are kindly asking for support in the development of our mobile pizza catering business.

You can support Swieton Saucy by visiting our shop or by donating here.

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How Swieton Saucy Began

Matt was about 2/3rds of the way into writing his pizza book when he met Sarah. After a few months of dating, Sarah helped Matt finish the book by editing, taking photos, compiling and designing the book cover.

In stages leading up to the completion of the book the idea of starting a catering business had become a recurring topic in their conversations. Musing led to contemplation and contemplation led to action.

The book, now completed and available on Amazon, was the first stage of the plan.
Matt and Sarah are now moving from the book toward a new direction.


Swieton Saucy is the next stage of their creative collaboration; an opportunity to share pizza with the community in a way that the book, on its own, cannot embody.


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